My Top 5 VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts (macOS & Windows)

in , by Wemi Ibidun, September 23, 2022

Welcome to my #CodingBoard. Today's article is about my top 5 VS Code keyboard shortcuts that help to boost my productivity as a front-end developer.

Today's article is one I have to say I just learned about recently & also started using as well. Knowing this has made my programming journey not only easier but better. As usual, I always like to document what I'm learning or learned so that I can refer to them in the future or even useful for anyone who stumbles on my blog or just anyone who is interested in learning about this topic.

CSS uses what’s called the box model to tell web browsers how to display and space different elements on a web page.

 (Still in progress)

I recently stumbled on this free ebook by Mike Mangialardi and immediately fell in love with it. So I decided to document most of the things I learnt from reading this book on my blog for future reference purposes. If you are also interested in reading the book, here is a direct link to it 👉 (ReactJS for  the visual learner). That being said, here are the lessons I learned from the ebook chapter by chapter

Visual Studio Code (VScode) is one of the most popular text editors with over 14 million users worldwide. I have fallen in love with VScode since I started using it