Welcome to my Coding Blog

Hi & welcome to my #CodingBoard. My name is Wemimo but my friends call me Wemi, Wems, Awemo, or WMC (yeah I know, I have a lot of nicknames😉). Btw, on this blog, we will be sticking to Wemi so don't freak out yet about what to call me, I just solved that puzzle for you😃. I am a mum to two adorable kids and I currently work as a front-end developer. Thank you for stopping by my little corner today & welcome again to my coding blog page.

On this page, I will be writing about everything related to front-end development. I will be sharing the lessons I've learned so far, my challenges, my success stories e.g. achievements, programming tips, and just generally everything related to my career. 

You will be seeing a lot of varieties in my articles. I will be writing about the different frameworks and libraries that I've used. I will also write about the different programming languages that I have worked with but my main focus will be Javascript.

Feel free to click on the "Label" tab, if you are looking for a specific topic or area of interest. 

That being said, let's roll on this journey together ☕️